Monday, July 27, 2009

Study Time!

During the summertime we have done pretty well at sticking to a schedule of study and reading time. My goal was 3 times a week and sometimes we do 3 and other times we surprisingly do 4 or 5 a week. One of our neighbors who home schools her children were moving and they gave me a bunch of awesome supplies. Sometimes we're working on animals, math, telling time and counting money... Even Gavin chimes in and works with us.

The boys have also been doing 2 different summer reading programs. One through the library and other other through Barnes and Noble. After they read, the mark it in their little booklets and we turn the information into each location. From the library they received a FREE book of their choice and a few extra little toys. We're still working on the other but it's the same concept, they'll be able to choose a FREE book and there are also lots of coupons for places around town.

We've also been really good at reading scriptures as a family. Every verse or tow I'll ask a question about it to keep the boys focused but also help them to understand some of the gospel's basic concepts. When I forget, or am too busy with other things, one of the boys will remind her. That just melts my heart.

I am excited though for school to start and the house to be a little quieter and cleaner!