Monday, July 20, 2009


Here are some extra pictures from playing in the backyard at Nana's house. What a cool house she has! How lucky are we!

The Boys would play in the creek in my mom's back yard everyday. They would explore and use their imaginations to the fullest. It was fun to see them hiking down there with a mission. One afternoon Will made this sign right before you enter the creek. Thank goodness for the sign!

On the 4th we bought poppers, sparklers, and other fun little fire works for the brothers to do.

Even Brig's got in on the fun and held his first sparkler. At first he was a little worried, then he got the hang of it!

Nana and Tyler love.

And don't forget Gavin love.
The boys found an old ax in the garage and thought it would be a good idea to take turns chopping a large fallen tree in the side yard. Yeah, I guess it's pretty cool for a little boy to do this, but it sure made mom a little nervous! Here is Gavin trying to explain to me and Nana that he should have the next turn with the ax.

After a few swings at it the ax broke off and stayed in the log. :)