Friday, July 17, 2009

Wagon Time

At my mom's house there are many fun things to do, especially in the backyard. My mom always has a ton of toys for the boys to play with. One is this plastic red wagon that became Brigham's favorite over our little vacation there in Santa Barbara. He first started pulling or pushing it around all over the yard. Then, one day, he decided to climb inside. Tyler saw him climb in and thought it would be fun to give Brig's a ride around the yeard. Brig's was in heaven. When Tyler stopped, Brig's put up a little fit and then Tyler would push him around again. It was really cute to watch. Right beyond the grass line but not quite to the creek there is a very slight hill. Tyler would take Brigham over there and give him a little push, and the little red wagon would slowly go down the baby hill by itself. Sometimes the wagon would stop by the huge tree and other times the wagon would start running over the ivy to slow it down.
One day when they were all outside playing, I hear this loud shriek from Brigham. I could tell instantly it was a pain cry. On his travel in the red wagon down the itty bitty hill his forehead met up with the corner of the old wooden swing, and BAM knocked him out. Literally. A huge black and blue goose egg instantly appeared on Brigham's little head. Tears continued to stream down his little chubby cheeks. Poor guy! As soon as he settled down we went right back outside to ride in the wagon again. I didn't want him to become afraid of his new favorite toy. He had no problems with it anymore, and once again his eyes lit up and he was in heaven. From then on Tyler aimed the little red wagon in a slightly different direction.


DoryQueen said...

I have so many memories of that backyard! So sorry he got hurt. Glad kids bounce back so quickly.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, except for the bump on the head.