Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yogurt Land

Have you heard of this place? Oh my, it's SOOOOO good and the price is great! They have a brand new one in Santa Barbara and while we were there we went three times. It's so good. It's so good, we put it on the list of places to visit when Scott can come to Santa Barbara!

There are like 15 different kinds of yogurts you can choose from, and YOU fill your own cup! The price is by the weight. After filling your cup with whatever yogurts you like, there are a ton of toppings to choose from. YUM! A whole section of fresh fruits and another of various candies.

My favorite was the chocolate yogurt with peanut butter yogurt topped with Reece's pieces. I also loved the pistachio yogurt. The boys seemed to always choose strawberry or chocolate with either gummy bears, or cookie dough.

After we would sit and eat out yogurt's together. They were so yummy.

THANKS Nana and Papa for taking us there! Can't wait till next time!


The Miller Family said...

I want to live in Yogurt Land!!!!!! Mmmmmmmm! Such a cool place!!!!

Elise said...

Yum! Have you heard of Ocean's Blue? It's in Dana Park off of Val Vista and baseline and it's just like Yogurtland. They have a bunch of different yogurts and toppings and you make it yourself, then they weigh it. I bet you would love it! It's by Anthropologie. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your trip.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

I could almost taste it, just reading abou it. Glad you had a good time.

Deanna Semendoff said...

I've been to Yogurtini in Tempe and one that I can't remember the name of off Ray and I-10 so much fun to be able to have a little of everthing

Deanna Semendoff said...

By the way...you look fantastic!

DoryQueen said...

Never heard of a place like this. Sounds wonderful.We're definitely going to try it out next time we're there.