Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yes, we celebrated ANOTHER birthday around here! It's one big party at the Thompson hopusehold! Can you guess whose birthday it was?

My sweet baby Brigham Nielsen Thompson celebrated his 2nd birthday! Happy, happy birthday to my love bug! He went to the doctors and had to receive FOUR shots. That wasn't a very nice present! The doctor said he is in the 99th percentile of height and weight...but he showed me the chart and he's about 1/4" off the 90th. So, he's way off the charts. Not so surprising if you know the kid. He's huge! He is super tall, he has a huge head, he weighs a ton, he also has a huge smile and love for his family (and food!) Technically, the doctor said, he is 4 lbs "over weight" but he looks active and healthy. And he is!

Brig's has truly been a blessing for our family. He loves, loves, loves each one of us and will always come running over for a hug and kiss. He is so funny to watch. He loves singing, Elmo, rocks, balls, playing at the park and any kind of motor vehicle. (He's been carrying around his little toy bus all day) When he is sad or gets hurt he always crys for Daddy. "Dad....Daddy..." It's so cute to see the love he has for Scott. Brigham will ask me with tears in his eyes, "mom, where dad?" as he lifts his shoulders up.
Brigham has a very strong powerful name, and it fits him perfectly. He has blue eyes and super curly lite brown hair. (I especially love that!) He loves to play with his puppy, Cooper and his baby brother, Nathan. He'll always come a runnin' to tell me the baby is crying or the puppy is scratching at the door to come in. I sure do love the little guy!
HaPpY BiThDaY!!!! I LoVe YoU!!!


Chandy said...

What a handsome boy! Happy Birthday, Brigham! What a great opportunity for him to grow and explore more wonderful things in your new home soon enough. Congratulations!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

It was great to be there and have Elmo birthday cupcakes with this little cutie pie. Love you all.