Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Have you heard of this before? It's so popular right now. I'm on the fence about it though. I have many friends whom have done this or on it right now and have lost tons of weight. Yeah for them!! But then I also have friends who say it's a HUGE no, no!
For me, I like to have moderation in all things. Eat, rest and exercise. When I'm doing that I have a nice tight bod. (I'm obviously NOT doing that right now, but I am getting my butt on track. Literally!) Scott stopped drinking soda 2 weeks ago and started exercising on the elliptical for 30 minutes a day. Last week he started a 1 hour boot camp in the am. He has lost 5lbs, and tightend that belt 1 more notch. Good for you sweetheart!
So, back to the HCG thing. First off, I could never do this. Give yourself shots? WHAT? Insane. I heard (from 2 doctors) that the liquid is pregnant woman's pee. Umm, hello! Sick and wrong?! I talk to Scott about it just this afternoon after visiting him in the office. He said there is some medical explanation to all this but, there hasn't been enough research done on it yet. He compared it to Fin-Fin. Yikes. One of the gals in his office just had a baby like 3months ago and is super skinny. And nursing. Is that right?
I would LOVE to drop some weight. I own 3 different sizes of clothing. The cute and skinny clothes, the maternity clothes and the fat clothes. Unfortunately, I'm still in my fat clothes. I hate it! Is a balanced diet and exercise enough? Does someone have to give themselves shots to fit into their skinny jeans? There are so many (crazy) diets out there...I am confident they ALL work, just maybe not for you. Some thrive on the Atkins diet, others on Jenny Craig and lots on the HCG thingy. But every body is different, and will excel to different methods of weight loss.
Have YOU done this before? Are YOU planning on going to the HCG plan? What are YOUR thoughts on the subject?


Kara Miller said...

I haven't heard of this! Crazy...and creepy in my opinion. I don't think I could ever give myself a shot!
Everything in moderation is my mantra. If I want chocolate, I'm gonna eat some. Doesn't mean I'm going to eat the whole bag though! Eat healthy, balanced meals and snacks, treats & junk every now and then, just not all the time! That's my personal interpretation of the Word of Wisdom & two cents :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

interesting you blogged about this this week. i was going to go there too. i'm not a fan of any fad diet. seriously i always lose a certain amount then go off it and gain back all i've lost plus 10. seriously? i can't afford the extra ten anymore. of course i'm cruising the fat and happy plan.

i did the phen phen deal back in the day when it was the trend and it worked FABULOUSLY! until i went off, gained all i'd lost back and the extra 10.


of course if i wanna gain 20 doing nothing different i forget to take my thyroid meds and WHALAH! 20 more lbs. in 2 weeks. dream come true , right?

Erin Noel said...

I have been doing Weight Watchers and it's not a fad diet they teach you portion control while enjoying the things you like. It's kind of like the Word of Wisdom with moderation in all things but I don't feel deprived from the things I love. So it's not a diet it's a life style change and I know people who do fad dieting of Lap Ban and they end up gaining it all back because they don't learn to change their bad eating habits. Quick fixes never really work! So good luck and just find what works for you and your life style!

Corinna said...

yes a balanced diet and the RIGHT one and lots of exercise will work.

Sarah said...

Thats just plain wrong. Diet and exercise all the way mama!
we can do it together!! im still in my fat clothes too but im not going to inject pee into me to get thin!! yikes. i dont believe in medicating for vanity or society! If you dont feel right about it then forget about it, and if you want some advice then I say DONT bother with it! Do it the right way!
Good luck! im gonna need some luck too!

Dustin and Erin Watson said...

I agree with all that's being said, but I do have to say that my friend Kendra is doing the hcg and she's lost 60 lbs! She's never mentioned shots though, she takes some liquid drops before she eats. Maybe it's not quite the same diet. Anyway, always do what's comfortable for you. For me, counting calories works best.

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

Dont do shots, do the liquid drops!! Shots are crazy... I wrote on your facebook, but here is more of what I think... When I was doing it I never felt hungry as long as I took my drops, If i Missed taking my drops I felt hungry.. the drops seriously help, and eat away your extra fat.. I did ALOT of research before I did it, and talked to ALOT of people that did it... Every single person had dramatic results and never had anything bad to say about it. People every where make up stuff, like human pee? what the? HCG is a hormone your body produces when you are pregnant say if a lady didnt eat enough to support her body and the baby, the hormone would take "fat" from your body to feed the baby.

I know doctors, real doctors doing the diet, my best freind is a nurse and did alot of research and she is doing it.. I trust it.. That is my toughts.

Deanna said...

I've heard of it but most people I know do the drops not the shots. Of course their diet is like 500 calories a day but supposively they aren't hungry because of the drops. I think since you recently had a baby it would help to get extra weight off, but just like everything else it has to be accompanied by a lifestyle change. We all know the weight comes back on much faster than it goes off.

NIKOL said...

I know someone who has done the hcg diet and has had great results. Of course, I've also known someone who lost a lot of weight from doing a bunch of cocaine so...yeah, just because you get results doesn't mean that it's a good thing. I've read the science behind hcg, but the bottom line is that you're taking hormones. I just don't think that's healthy. I agree with what Erin posted: weight management is better when it's based on healthy eating and portion control. I do think that exercise and healthy eating is enough, when it's done right. It's just hard to be really disciplined about it sometimes when you're a busy mom.

Zana said...

I simply justify eating lots of treats and breads b/c I make them with good ingredients...whole wheat, butter and olive oil are the staples of my pantry. Oh did I forget to mention the SUGAR?

Like I said (justification) whatever trick works for your brain! :]

You're a hot, healthy, happy, active mom...just keep doing what your doing, it's working.