Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mini Goals Week 15, 16, and 17

Holy smokes, I am behind on updating you all on my mini goals! Again, I want to give a little shoot out to my friend, Melissa, for giving me this great idea!

Week 15...I set no goals, I did nothing except PACK, Pack, and pack. I mean, that was my goal to pack! :) And I did great!!

Week 16...Again I set no goals while playing and having FUN with friends and family in Utah. But, I was inspired on some things I need to work on and try out.

Week here it is folks! The next 2 weeks are going to be HARD goals for my but I wanna try them out. My mini goal of the week is not to eat any sugar! One of my cousins in SLC stopped eating sugar and has dropped like 20lbs in a couple months! When she first told me I thought she was crazy! You know how much stuff has sugar in it? No candy, no soda, no desserts, no ketchup! WHAT? This cousin is one of my dear friends and she has always loved candy, chocolate especially. So I am taking this as a challenge and a goal. I want to see IF I can do this! She is a great example to me, and has a much stronger will power than I. I could of never thought of this goal on my own. So, we shall see...It seems like a perfect week to test this one out...No parties, no Bunko, no RS activities, and it's right before Easter! :)
Wish me luck!!

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Klinglers said...

That is an awesome goal! I did the no sugar thing for a while and would totally recommend it, it makes you feel great:) A suggestion for that would be to just stock up on tons and tons of fruit and veggies so any time you are tempted just grab an apple or something. Good Luck you can do it!!!:)