Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cute Game

I found this cute and easy craft last week....Thank you Creative Homemaker yet again for a fun easy craft, and my boys LOVE playing it!I cut and sanded down 2x2 blocks. I added some vinyl lettering to each side of each block. On one side I added a heart next to the initial and on another side I spelled out the entire name. When you roll all the dice blocks the child receives 5 points it they roll their entire name, 2 points if there is a heart by their initial and 1 point for just their initial. First boy to 20 points wins! We played this several times before we left on vacation and the boys really liked it because Gavin had just as much of a chance to win as Will did.


Mamathom and Papathom said...

That is such a cute idea and I can imagine what fun, kids of all ages, would have with it. Thanks for sharing.

Chandy said...

I like that! I will definitely try it when we're done moving everything into our new home! I just blogged about it.