Monday, March 22, 2010

We're Back!!

Wow! What a week! We left last Friday night and drove all through the night to Salt Lake City, Utah. There was a huge storm coming in and we didn't want to dive through it, so we left a little earlier than planned. Our suburban was packed to the rim and we hauled a huge trailer packed full of more of our stuff. As we were all unpacking it started raining and then snowing, a lot. The kids LOVED it! It was so beautiful! All the cousins blamed us for the snow storm! HA!
We registered the kids in their new school, got Gavin set-up in a pre school there, visited our new ward, unpacked boxes in our NEW HOME, played with all the cousins, had a mini reunion with friends from high school, went to Provo for the day and visited with friends from Santa Barbara, ordered new furniture, went to temple square downtown, and had A LOT OF FUN!! We kept going back and forth with the idea of coming back to Mesa, packing the entire house up and heading straight back for Utah. After much deliberation and thought, we decided to stick to our original plan and wait till the boys are done with school. Oh yeah, Scott also took his resume to a few places and had a few interviews.
At our new place, there is NO TV connection or INTERNET! Which was cool at times and frustration at other times. That's why I haven't blogged for a while. Too long! I plan on downloading some pictures and posting later stayed tuned! :)
We reluctantly drove home yesterday early morning safe and sound. We are glad to be back, but excited for the future.


Alissa said...

Sounds like an action packed trip to Utah! You guys got a lot done! What an exciting time for you:)

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

that's always a good sign...when you hate to leave to go back home...that's when you know you've found home again :)