Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

OUCH! Our cute little puppy bit Gavin's face over the weekend! I know, crazy to think he'd do that. But in Cooper's defence Gavin was antagonizing him, repeatedly. I warned Gavin to stop (and I should of taken Cooper outside, I knew he'd had enough of the G-man) but I didn't. Gavin went over for one final tease and wham! Cooper growled and bit him in the face. The bottom wound was real deep and made us all a little worried. Scott took Gavin to the ER. Thank goodness Cooper and Gavin are up-to-date on all their shots. He received some anti-biotic, just in case. He's doing better now. We had to call the Police and Animal Control. It was a big 'ol ordeal. Now everything has calmed down and Gavin still loves his puppy, Cooper. Not sure how Coop feels towards him though! :)


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

oh man! poor guy...and poor dog! i worry about that alot as our puppy is now bigger than half of our kids! but i have a hard time when it's the kids picking on the dog :(

Corinna said...

uh oh, time to train that dog. well past time!
that is on the short list of must do's for puppies.