Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Temple Square

One day we spend several hours over at temple square looking around. It was a lot of fun and so beautiful! Cute baby Nathan loved watching the huge fountain!

There were several people getting married that day and my boys would walk over to the brides and say, "congratulations" to each of them. How cute!
We went to the 26th floor of the church headquarters and saw this beautiful view of temple square! I've never done that before! This cute old lady gave us a mini tour of the place. She kept asking the same question over and over to us. Scott and I started giving different answers each time. It was funny to see her responses change. I guess it was kinda mean now that I'm writing about it, but it sure was funny at the time! We didn't intend to be mean...

This is where Scott and I were sealed over 10 years ago!

We walked across the street to the Joseph Smith memorial building and took these shots. None of my boys have ever been there before. They loved the views of the temple!
This was a great shot of the state building. My grate-grate grandfather was a judge there back in the day! His picture use to be displayed, but last time I went I couldn't find it...The boys thought that was a cool fact though!

The older brothers standing by Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Two great brothers that we all admire so much!

It was a very FUN day!!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

so cool! i went when i was a teenager but haven't been back...would love to take the kids that we know someone who lives there :) so many great shots!

Diana said...

Karina & I went to the Capitol to see C M Nielsen's picture and I talked to a really nice lady there in charge of archives that told me that when they moved the courthouse to 3rd South (I think) they walked all the judge pictures over there but that they hadn't been put up yet. But that was in June so maybe they are now. Great pictures though! Talk to your mom. I think she has a picture of the picture

Chandy said...

You definitely did so much more than we went a couple of years back. But now, we'll definitely be looking for those opportunities! You have a great looking family!