Monday, March 1, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

Again...This time it was Will and Jackson's Pine Wood Derby. This was Jackson's first, one that he will remember for a very long time!
Our good friends, the Udall family, have a ton of tools to build great pine wood derby cars. So, of course, we headed over there to build the boys' cars. First, the boys designed what they wanted on paper. Scott helped to draw it onto the block of wood. Then he also assisted the boys in cutting the shape out of the wood. The boys used a sander and also hand sanded the cars down until they were really smooth. Dwight melted some lead and sored some in the bottom of the cars. We spray painted the cars several times, sanding it between coats, to make a beautiful shiny finish on them.

Dwight won an award, "The Derby Dude" that we help make for him for all the help he offered to all the children that participated in the derby.Jackson WON the entire Pine Wood Derby! His car was the fastest and won every single race!