Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Casino Night

The other night was Casino Night here on campus. It was a whole lot of fun. The decorations were great. There was an area with food, 2 black jack tables, 2 poker tables, 2 roulette tables, and area for karaoke and a bar with a ton of mixed drinks (non-alcoholic, of course!!) The dealers were real at each table. The pit boss, Dallas, handed out money to everyone. I played black jack and poker for a while and then some of my good friends and I went in the karaoke area and had a blast. Together we sang a ton of songs, we laughed at the other people trying to sing, drank drinks, and took jello shots. Here we are in a little break from singing our brains out...Elise, Shalene, Tiffany and I.

THANKS ladies for another FUN evening!!

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Alissa said...

What a blast!