Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween- Second Half

 It's F-A-L-L!!! And I love it. I love the weather cooling off...I love the colors everywhere...I love the trees and the messy leaves everywhere... I am so happy to be here!!!
 After lunch and naps we were off again with Scott and Will to a local park that was hosting fun, free activities. You can't beat that! Gavin was running down the center of the field yelling he loves this place. Cute kid!

There were a ton of activities for the kids to do. It was a very fun family event. Then, it started raining! BOO! We headed oer to a cousins house where they eat Chili, donuts and Witch's Brew for their Halloween tradition. It was fun to join them on the festivities! THANKS BOYCES!!
We headed over to a neighborhood that was real wealthy. (My cousin used to live there...) They handed out toys and candy bars and the kids LOVED it! About 7pm we decided to head on back to our neck of the woods. We put Nathan and Brigs down for bed, it had been a LOOONG day for those two. I walked down our street with the boys and we stayed out till 9pm. We now have 6 full grocery store bags full of candy! (What I always do is have the kids hold cute little Halloween trick-or-treating bags and then in the car or at home we have grocery bags with their names on it. So when their bags get heavy then can dump it into a different bag.)
We had a very fun day!


Alissa said...

I LOVE the pic of you & Scott together:) One thing I miss is seeing all the pretty fall colors! Enjoy it!

Brynn said...

thanks for joining us for our halloween night. it was tons of fun. your kids all looked adorable!! love you!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Wow, Lori! you look amazing in that pic! did you darken your hair? anyway, you look awesome. :) We might be coming to UT for Christmas so I'll have to stop by :)