Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cooking away...

The other day I had some free time, so I reorganized my recipes on Pinterest and printed a few ones to try. They ALL turned out so, so yummy! I wanted to share with you the ones that are Thompson approved!
 Right after I had the baby, a friend came by with dinner and this dessert. It was so good. A few days later I searched on Pinterest to find it, and I did. GO here for the Oreo ice cream cake.
These pretzels were super good. I made them, left for 45 minutes and when I came back they were all gone! Go here for the recipe. I also made jalapeno cheese dip for the pretzels. Go here for that.

This on was super easy and I picked everything out of my garden to use! It was fresh and yummy. Go here for the recipe. Thanks Martha!

 My favorite bakery here in Holladay is So Cupcake. My favorite cupcake there is carrot, I know weird! I didn't want to spend $3.00 for a cupcake, so I just made them on my own. The boys were a little leary at first, but gobbled them all down! Go here for the recipe. Next time I think I'll add some nuts!
These didn't turn out as pretty as their picture, but were good! I think I filled them with too much veggies. Scott thinks I should try and fry them besides baking them...Hmmm, not sure. Go here for veggy egg rolls.
I plan on making these avocado egg rolls tomorrow night, I'm sure they'll be delicious! My mouth waters just looking at them! Go here.

I am also making this tonight! Chicken Cordon Bleu rolls!
Can't wait!!