Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Happenings

 So many fun activities we've been involved with these past few weeks but not long enough to make them all separate posts. So here is a jumble of pictures and snap shots of memories.
These past few months have been full of football. It's been a fun season and Will, Tyler and Gavin's teams have done well. Here is cute little Nathan wearing Will's equipment before practice. Future football player?
 As I'm watching football practice, here is my view. Absolutely beautiful mountain range with Mt. Olympus. I am so blessed.
 Will went an entire year without chocolate! Here is his reward. He wants to try, right after Halloween, going a year without any sweets (candy, cake, ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes...) That's just crazy, if you ask me!!
 I've been walking more and more lately. Here is my side kick who goes everywhere with me. Cumfy!
 Will is such a good...I mean great big brother. He is so helpful with chores and with his little brothers! He was holdiong Little P while I was cleaning out my car, right before a game.
 We went to Chick-Fil-A to support a friend who was hosting a fundraiser there last week. The food is always delicious and there was prizes and fun activities. As we were heading out, I'm looking around for Naters and he's outside doing this. Lovely. Everyone laughed and thought it was so funny. It was, and gross!
 Jsckson is also a great big brother. He is my #1 baby sitter. He helps change Preston's diaper, plays with him, and helps when P wakes up from a nap and I am not home yet. I had received a call from Jack that Little P was awake and screaming. I headed right home and this is how I found them. Thank goodness for passies and the exercise ball!
 We voted early!!
 Red Ribbon Week was held at the boys school last week and there were several fun activities planned everyday for the children to participate in. Wednesday was Crazy Hair day, always a favorite in our house!

Cute baby Preston's first time in a shopping cart. He can't sit up yet, but I propped the huge blanket and it worked pretty well. He is so dang cute!!
On Thursday Tyler received his Wolf in Cub Scouts! It was also the Halloween themed Pack Meeting, hence the costumes! Tyler copped out and wore his football uniform...GO OLYMPUS!!

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Rebekkah Monaghan said...

Good Job Will! James is going without any candy... even homemade! he is on month five and has only been really tempted once.