Sunday, October 28, 2012


It seems simple at times, but ever so hard at other times. I had the opportunity to listen to “Time Out for Women” via a live feed on the computer. I’ve attended the actual conference in person a couple of other times, but wasn’t able to go to the one here in Salt Lake City this past weekend. I then found out that they offered, for free, a live stream of the conference to view the sessions over the internet. How wonderful!!

Virginia Pearce was the first speaker and spoke on forgiveness.  I want to share some of her thoughts and add a few of my own to this topic.

When we choose not to forgive someone who has wronged us, it only damages our relationship with our Savior. We need to have the desire to forgive, which is hard but possible. It takes time to forgive someone who has wronged you; especially if it is by a loved one.

We should always keep a place in our heart for forgiveness, which is only possible when we are safe in our relationship with Heavenly Father.

When we forgive, everything changes for US. It has no effect on the other person.

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DoryQueen said...

I got to watch TOFW too! So good! My favorite speakers were John Bytheway and Brad Wilcox. They said some things that I really liked and wished I could share it with my SS class but it wasn't my week to teach. Them shortly after the end of the conference, my co-teacher called and said he was sick and needed me to fill in. So today I was able to share some of the wonderful thoughts from TOFW. Gospel doctrine class went well today. We have the TOFW feed for about a week but I'm thinking of ordering the DVD. I also loved the music from Mercy River. It was awesome!