Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Crafts!!

 I try to make one or two new crafts for each holiday. These past couple weeks I have been able to make a couple cute, easy ones. I made this cute Happy Halloween sign for my porch. I pained it, sanded it and then stained it to give is an old vintage look.
I sewed this cute little mummy costume onto one of Little P's onesies. Seriously took no more than 10 minutes to make.
While in Santa Barbara we headed to an awesome pumpkin patch where Preston wore this onesie. So cute!!
This cute skeleton has been super fun on the refrigerator. Several times a day the boys will rearrange the arms and legs and it's been fun to have. I should of laminated him though! Here is the template for him.
I also found some cute Halloween printable here. I printed them out and the boys have loved coloring them all week long. FUN!!
Here is my next project...A Halloween table runner. I have the fabric and ribbon but haven't sewn it yet. Here is the tutorial for it. I'll post pictures of mine, after it's completed. Hopefully by Halloween!!

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