Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing the family...

Um...Not yet! We've been so busy with a fun packed schedule with the best weather imaginable I haven't had much time to sit and think how much I miss them all. Of course I miss them, but time is flying by quickly on this fast paced trip to Santa Barbara.
Brigham and Gavin have been adorable to be around with Nana and Papa. I am happy that their cute little growing personalities are shining through with so many radiant colors.
Like I said before the weather is has been great. 70-72. Clear sky's lite breeze, no clouds in sight. Aww, I can sit in the warmth of the sun and not die of heat exhaustion. Gavin has been riding his bike all over and Brig's loves playing outside picking Nana's flowers and chasing all her cats around.
This morning was really busy finalizing the summer camps the boys will attend. Gavin too! He'll be thrilled. There is zoo camp, Cub scout camp, art camp, and a couple others that have fled my mind. I'll bring them all back in a few weeks to spend part of their summer here.
I made that yummy tortilla soup for the fam, they seemed to enjoy it. Tomorrow we're going out to lunch and dinner to some of my favorite Santa Barbara restaurants! YEAH! I also plan on taking the boys to the beach for a bit. It may be a little chilly there if it's windy. I hope my body soaks up the chill and remember to take it home to Arizona in a few days!
We've driven around a little bit to see the devastation of the fire. Pretty dang sad. The fire fighter did a tremendous job and I am happy to report there were no deaths!
I'll have pictures of our little trip soon!

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Mamathom and Papathom said...

Sounds like fun, and exactly like our Cedar weather right now. Tell Nana hi for us. Love.