Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ice Hockey

I signed 4 of my boys up for FREE ice hockey lessons. They are an hour long for 4 Saturday's. On Friday night we went to get the boys fitted into their pads and uniforms. Saturday morning we were off to the rink. Each boy has their bag and stick they are in charge of, even cute little Gavin.


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

noooooo! my daughters are totally not attracted to boys who are missing all of their teeth!!!! :) you do know that we are huge hockey fans? don't know that i'd be brave enough to let my boys play but such a fun sport! this is such a cool thing they got to do! and i love seeing little gavin in uniform! so cute!

DoryQueen said...

The boys are adorble in their hockey gear. My boys want to be in hockey but all the games are on Sunday so we're steering them toward other sports. Have fun!

rachel said...

AHHH ! this is sooo fun. Can you do it at any time? Could I sign Hunter up? HE WOULD LOVE IT!