Sunday, May 10, 2009

Motherhood, God's greatest calling!

Mother's was great. It always is. My boys made several presents for me and continued to shower me with hugs and kisses all day. (that part is like any normal day!)

Five main reasons I LOVE being a mommy!

1. Will. My oldest, smartest, most helpful son. He gets to try everything first, and always has to do more than the rest. He is confident and hard working. Right now he is saving his money until he gets $100.00. ( I told him if he could save to that I would give him $25) He loves spelling, and reading and many different sports. He is almost 10 years old and I can already tell he's moving into a new stage of life. What a wonderful first born he is.

2. Jackson. My most humorous, caring, thoughtful son. He is defiantly a class clown and struggles sitting still and being reverent. But, he is right there for any brother or friend at any time. When there is just one piece of gum left he will hand it over to his brother with no hesitation. He is friendly and loyal to all. I learn a lot from him. What a special guy he is.

3. Tyler. He is my toughest, fastest, wildest son. He will take on any challenge and repeat it until he gets it right. He struggles a lot with communication, but still tries daily to conquer his speak problems. He never tiers of giving up. He can play any sport with anyone and will do a great job. He always is full of energy and ready to roll anytime.

4. Gavin. He is strong willed, confident, and a sweet love bug. He has helped me learn the most patience. He is hard to understand and to get to know. He will do his own thing whenever he wants to whom ever he wants. He does not like consequences, but he does love me. At several times of the day he will randomly walk up to me with a big hug or several kisses and a sweet smile.

5. Brigham. He is an angel baby, adorable and loving. He says mom and mama about 100 times a day. He doesn't really need me most of the time, he just likes saying it. It will be fun to get to know him a little better and see how his personality shapes.

I am thankful for these little blessing and what each of them have brought into my life.


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Mamathom and Papathom said...

Yes, motherhood is the greatest - especially when you get those hugs and kisses and see them grow up - and the special mother day phone calls. It is SWEET. Happy Mother's Day. LOTS OF LOVE