Friday, November 13, 2009

Fire Station

Tyler LOVES cub Scouts and is doing so well there. His pack does a lot of Go-See's, which are Tyler's favorite. A few weeks ago we went to a fire station, a brand new one. It was HUGE! It was BEAUTIFUL! And we all had a lot of FUN! Check him out in this picture...He is the second youngest kiddo there and by far the tallest! And that smile...what a cutie!

There are 2 different areas for the trucks to be parked. There is enough room for 4 large rigs. Upstairs are the individual rooms for the fire fighters to sleep or rest in. The are 2 poles and slides on either side of the upstairs area and an elevator right in the middle. They have this huge movie room that the fire fighters watch special videos and conferencing. There are several levels and the seating are these over sized lounge chairs. COMFY!

There were 12 fire fighters there that night on call. And yes, all of them are very handsome, strong men. :)

The is also this huge work out room, that of course the fire fighters all use. They all had fine hard bodies, which was fun to look at!