Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Scott!

Scott was home this morning doing some work form home, which I love because then the boys will want to play and chat with him so I can get some stuff done. Like, take a shower! I finished nursing the baby and handed him off to Scott. Brigham and Gavin were in the bath just climbing out when I was going in to take a shower. So he's holding the baby, who needs a diaper change. And there are two adorable naked little boys running around who need to get dressed. Scott asks, "how do I do this?" With a little chuckle I reply, "I don't know, how do I do this.....everyday....when you're not here?" He eventually figured it out, like most husbands do. But then it made me think about being a mom. I don't have any magical powers, even though sometimes I wish I had. I don't even think I'm a great mom. I usually don't know how I accomplished the things I do in an average day. But I am confident that most moms, if not all, feel that way. We just get it done. I don't know how, we somehow just do it! So, for all you mother's out there with youngsters or teenagers, with a baby on the way or 6 running in circles around you...I applaud you! You just get it done! And you are AWESOME!


Summer Spillane Jordan said... are you!!! it is funny to think on eh? we do just do it! i always tell my hubby...if you did it as much as i need'd know how i do it ;)

Mamathom and Papathom said...

I am PROUD of all my sons. They do a GREAT job, being a dad and hubby - and being there to help out in all situations.