Thursday, November 26, 2009

FHE Time

It's been fun having FHE lately. It seems easier the older the boys get. They all seem to get into the stories and activities more. We went to Scout-O-Rama a few weeks ago and saw these cool wooden swords they had at one of the booths. The line was WAY too long so I took a pic of one and thought I'd incorporate it into a FHE lesson somehow.

Scott found a great story in the scriptures where we all took turns reading and answering questions about Ammon and how he became a servant to the king and watched the herd of animals and when robbers came to steal them he smote off their arms with his sword. Of course we talked more about being obedient and following the teaching of Jesus Christ. But, the boys only remember the cool swords we made. Scott had cut all the wood before the lesson and then the boys put their swords together and nailed them to stay in place.

It was a fun FHE and the boys still play with the swords. I sure have enjoyed all these boys! They are so much fun!