Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mini Goals

My friend Melissa from my ward told me about this. She, her sisters and mom all make mini goals for a week long and tell each other what they are so they become more accountable for their actions. When they're chit chatting or texting or on FB they'll ask the other gal how she's doing or the gal will give an update on her mini goal for the week. I thought it was a great idea. So, every Sunday I will post on my blog and FB a mini goal I want to accomplish or work on for the week. When you see me ask me how I'm doing. I want people to know so it'll make me work on it and be better at the goals I'm setting for myself.

Some of the ideas Melissa told me were:
don't eat after 7pm
reading scriptures/Ensign 30 minutes a day
exercise 6 days that week

Others I thought of are:
to blog everyday
do something extra nice for my sweetheart
meditate 30 minutes everyday
not to drink soda for the week
don't spend any money for the week

You get the idea. If you want to do it too, that would be great! Just think of little mini goals YOU want to work on!

So here is my first mini goal of the week that
I am going to work on:


Lacey said...

Good luck!!!

Ryan and Melissa said...

I feel so honored I am mentioned in the Thompson family blog! Nice work!