Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PF Changs...Take Two

Last weekend Gavin and I headed back to PF Chang's for the first ever children's tasting event. They are starting a new children's menu to boost more families to head on over there to eat. Now, like I said before, I LOVE PF Chang's! YUMMY! When it's a special occasion Scott and I head there, without children. So, it was nice to sample the entire children's menu and we also gave our opinions and some suggestions. My friend Tiffany and her some went also. It was fun, informative and filling!

Right off the start everyone was very nice to Gavin and myself. They interviewed us and we also spoke with the chef who created the PF Chang's children's menu! I noticed the other staff members around the building were keeping themselves busy cleaning or preparing orders for other customers. When they would walk by, they were always very courteous to me. The restaurant was clean, organized, and stocked. Ready for the lunch crowd to arrive. The Chef was knowledgeable, would take critique well and was very pleasant to talk with. The event went great. The gave each of the children a goodie bag, which was very kind and thoughtful. They also gave me this DARLING PF Chang's onesie for the baby!

I know all of you out there LOVE PF Chang's, but now you can go there with your children! They have delicious food that the children will LOVE! Rice, Noodles, Chicken, Sauteed Veggies, drinks and yummy desserts! Go to PF Chang's and tell them Lori send ya!

Not sure what you'll get with that, but do it anyways! And let me know! :)

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Summer Spillane Jordan said... glad they're making it easier to bring the kids but this is MY thing!!! This is MY date spot! My kids can go on their birthdays though :)