Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini Goals Week 15

Last week went great. I didn't end up making any new recipes, just some yummy ones I hadn't made for a while. There were a few cold wet days so I made Tortilla soup! YUMMY! There was only one day that I didn't complete my mini goal. You know the day, it was FREE Jack in the Box AND pancakes at IHOP! I could not resist FREE food! And it turned out to be a lot of fun. So, THANK YOU Jack in the Box and IHOP for a yummy day!

Back to more important things, like my mini goal! This week's mini goal is short and sweet....drum roll please....NO FRIED FOOD of any kind! Honestly, it'll be easy. I never fry anything at my house, we're not planning on heading to a restaurant this week for dinner, but we usually go to the cafeteria here on campus for lunch. I usually get a sandwich or pizza, but I do order a side of fries. So, I guess the real mini goal is no french fries :) Oh, man just re-reading this is making my mouth water for fries! I CAN DO THIS!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!
What are the mini goals YOU have been working on? What is this weeks mini goal for YOU?
GOOD LUCK! And, if you see me at the cafeteria don't bother coming over to chat if you have fries! :)