Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brickyard monument

 When my mom came for a (WAY TOO SHORT) visit, we had many things to go see. One, was to visit a monument at the Brickyard in Sugarhouse. My great-grand father made bricks and ran the brickyard. He wanted to serve a mission for our church but Brigham Young told him that he could not. He was needed to continue building bricks. Pretty cool!

My mom was born and raised in Salt Lake city. Both sets of her grandparents are also from here. We have a lot of family ties and heritage here in Salt Lake City. When my mom was here and we were driving around town she kept pointing at different building giving us a story about it. "Your great grand father lived there..." "Your grandma worked there..." It was a fun visit.

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Zana said...

WHAT?! You already got snow! That's crazy. And I thought Reno was cold :)
By the way your mom looks exactly the same from when I met her 15 years ago! So fun to have Moms visit.

Don't know why but I had a dream
about you & I saw you at a Dr's office after your ultrasound and you were crying b/c you said you were expecting a girl & it turned into a boy...I laugh now b/c in real life I can only imagine you shrugging your shoulders & saying 'well maybe next time'

Tell your mom HI :)