Monday, October 4, 2010


 A couple weekends ago there was a scouting activity in Sandy in a mall parking lot. It was pretty small compared to some of the other outings we've been on, but it was still F-U-N!
There was this rock wall that all the boys climbed.
It was pretty easy for them, they've all climbed much higher ones. I LOVE that none of them are scared to do something like this. They are brave and strong, and I love it!

 There was this other structure that the kids could climb which was a lot of fun. They've never done anything lie that before. They had to follow a path and each child was connected to a harness while they maneuvered through the obstacle course up high in the air.


 Gavin won some candy at a booth and put in in this locker and held onto the key for most of the time we were there. He didn't want the other brothers eating HIS candy! Cleaver little kid thinking to do that!