Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

 At the boys school they held their annual Halloween parade. All the children can wear (appropriate) costumes and parade around the gym area. Each class walks around. It was real cute. After the parade the classes hold their own Halloween party. Here is preschool! Gavin the PIRATE! ARGH Matey!!

 My little monkey boy! How cute is this costume? Old Navy is wonderful! (Especially when they're having sales and I have a coupon!!)
 See how there is a tail and a banana...too cute!

 Jackson went as a Cowboy. Before he left for school he had on a Batman costume. So I was very surprised to see him in this costume.
 And of course there was Superman! You look adorable Tyler! (Or maybe I should say awesome. Superman shouldn't be "adorable"!!)

 For Gavin's party one of the students dad is a police officer and he came with sticker and treats and of course his cool car. All the kids piled in and played with the buttons. They were in heaven!
The children sang "Five Little Pumpkins" song to us and decorated small pumpkins. It was fun!