Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party at the grocery store

 Seriously, there was a party at one of the grocery stores here. In front there were a ton of pumpkins the kids could climb on and take pictures with.

 Sweet Naters has a Halloween shirt on that says, "I love my Mummy!"
 In the store there were 10 different stations the kids could walk to and receive yummy things to fill their bags. The first station they received these cute reusable Halloween bags. Items they received were apples, milk, cheese, candy, cookies, a mini pumpkin, pencils, popcorn, Popsicles...I only had the little boys with me and they had a blast. The grocery store is doing this again on Saturday so I may come back with the bigger kids...

Some of our favorite cousins came along for the fun!

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Alissa said...

I love all your posts, so cute! Love the costumes!