Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Happenings

Lot's of little random happening to write out on this chilly fall evening! (I'm totally in love with this weather, by the way!!!)

Well, 4 birthday's down (in less than 4 weeks!) and one more party to go on Friday (Golf cute, I can't wait!!) then our family will have a little break from the Birthday parties and we'll hit the holidays. It's been fun planning and preparing FUN parties for my awesome boys. I can't believe I have SIX BOYS! My baby turned 11 years old and my real baby just turned 1! WOW!

Scott has been working two jobs which I am so thankful for, but I miss him. We spent the entire summer hanging out as a family hiking, playing and being together. It was nice. It was rare. He has been working at the LDS Business College two evenings a week teaching Medical Assisting classes. He also is a PA at Magna Urgent Care. He works 4-5 shifts a week and some of them a double shift (7am to 10pm) which sucks but when it's over and it's great because it's out of the way! He loves it and is so happy. I love it too! I love him!

Papa is here visiting for a couple of weeks. The boys are still thrilled he's here. They literally wake up and shout out, "Papa!!". They "help" him work on things around the house. It's cute to watch him interact with the boys, especially the baby. Last night while I was cleaning the kitchen I noticed Nathan kept walking over to Papa. It's cute how papa talks to him. Papa actually picked Nathan up and was holding him. He sure has come a long way. He's been here 2 days and already half way done with his "Papa's to do list".

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party at my house on Friday. The gal that is putting it on is funny. She'll keep us all entertained for the evening. She's planning on making some yummy appetizers and a pork roast. I hope people actually come. And order stuff! Keep your fingers crossed.

I had Gavin, Brigham and Nathan weighed and measured today. Gavin is 4 years old, weighs 44lbs, and is 44" tall. Crazy. Brig's is 2 years old, weighs 43lbs, and is 42" tall. Crazier. Brigham is waaay off the charts. Gavin is high, but Brig's is waaay off. Our little huge football player! I don't remember off hand Nater's just that he's right in the middle.

I haven't been reading lately and miss it. Next on my list is "Pray, Eat, Love". I want to have that read BEFORE I see the movie. And it's in the cheap theater, so that means DVD soon. I've been busy with birthday's, and party planning. I'm also hitting my craft to-do list. Actually, I have THREE craft to-do lists. Holiday crafts, regular crafts, and this mommy school thing (more about that later!!) I have 8 more Halloween crafts to-do.

I am officially the Service committee chair of Rosecrest Elementary School. I've been to 3 PTA meetings and just so happy to be part of this group. There are so many parents involved in the PTA (Like 25 plus!) Then there is so many other parents involved in their child's class. They have so many activities and opportunities for the children. I am so thankful to be here and have my boys belong to this school. Right now there are extra thrilled about being able to wear Halloween t-shirts. (Old school in AZ was a charter school with mandatory uniform). I'm meeting for the first time with my group next Tuesday. Our first service activity is "Pancakes and Pumpkins" (More of that later!!)

Babies. Soooo many babies. In the past 3 weeks I have over 20 friends telling me they're expecting. (I know it's 20 because I made a list, yes, yes I did!) I am happy for each and every one of them! Really I am! But I also wish MY name was on the list. Lame, I know. I have a tiny one year old  baby. I just can't wait to have another. (After the holidays....)

Right when we moved to SLC (about 3 months ago) I found this new (old) show on TV and fell in love. "How I Met Your Mother" is now on my top 5 favorite shows of all times. Right up there with "Friends". Thank goodness we have Tivo and and been watching episodes as often as our schedules allow. Also, thank goodness for the library. I've been able to rent different seasons and watch them in my basement (while I'm crafting at my new craft table!!)Barney is, wait for it, legendary! The show is unique, witty, charming, and I love it.

Better get going...I'm ready for a little dessert!

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Elise said...

Fun to keep up on you guys! Oh, btw it's Eat, Pray, Love! Love, love, love that book!