Monday, October 4, 2010

Jammed Packed Conference Weekend

WOW, what a weekend! Conference was AWESOME! We deep cleaned the house, worked on the yard, baked, made crafts, visited with family, went to Home Depot for the free kids building craft....

The boys watched more conference this weekend more than they ever have before. It's so nice that they are able to sit longer and pay attention to the wonderful messages being presented. During Saturday's morning and afternoon sessions we would play games with the kids to help them pay attention. The older boys would have to count every time they heard the speaker say "Christ, Jesus, Lord, Savior, Him, He..." The younger boys would have fewer words to count. For boys, making everything a game or competition mends with BETTER results. (They clean their room faster, and better....Homework is done quicker...Dinner is being eaten more...)I also printed out fun activities for them to do during conference. I'm planning on another post more about conference and certain messages that struck me.

I crafted, and it was so nice to get a little caught up again! My sewing machine is missing a small little part, but without it won't sew nicely! BUMMER. I borrowed my cousins (THANKS ANG!!) and I went to town! I finished my table runner!!!

I fixed three pair of pants for my boys/
I made 4 bow ties. I plan on making more, it was so easy and the boys LOVE them. I used two of Scott's old ties he no longer wanted. For the other ones I plan on making I'm using regular scrapes of fabric. Jackson was so excited he wanted to try his on with his polo shirt. They came out pretty nice is I say so myuself!

Papa came to visit us! He's been in Utah for a week now hunting. He shot a deer and now he's ready to take a shower and eat some yummy food. It was cool to see him in his camo. They boys were SOOO excited to see him.