Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tyler turns 7!!

 Tyler turned 7 years old today, which is a little crazy because just yesterday he was my baby. Why do these boys keeping getting older so fast? When he got home from school he opened his gifts.

 Jackson got his a Sponge Bob washcloth that was teeny tiny and then you put it in water and it grows. Will got him G.I. Joe figurines, Scott got his a G.I. Joe watch, and the rest of the boys and myself got him four Halloween reading books.

 Papa is in town and got him an extra special gift. A $5.00 bill. Tyler had told Scott and I a few weeks ago that he's received a $1, $2, and $10 before but he would LOVE to get a $5 bill. So Papa put one inside of a book for him. He was thrilled!

He chose dinner and it was fried potatoes and steak, his favorite. We sang to him all day and lots of family called him. He had a great day and is excited for his party coming soon!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i love the birthday wreath! i've become a huge wreath fan! gonna have to copy cat that one! happy birthday tyler! i'm sure azure will be very excited to hear you turned 7!