Monday, August 13, 2012

Ebelskivers and more!

While visiting Santa Barbara we always find time to stop off in Solvang, a cute Danish-style town with cute shops and yummy pastries. Oh yeah, and the 99 cents fabric store! Thanks Kandie for meeting us there, it was fun!

3 Ebelskivers for just $4, great deal. They're huge, like the size of baseballs, topped with homemade raspberry jam and a shake of powdered sugar. I just told Scott I want an Ebelskiver pan for Christmas. Not like the huge one pictured below, but a smaller one we can use.

Does anyone know the name of this pastry? Oh. My. Goodness. This is my most favorite of all. I have no idea the name (I've seen them in grocery stores before, but nothing like the ones in Solvang!!) We went to 4 different bakeries to find the best one of these. It was found. It was inhaled. I now desire more. I am glad to love to far away from this place or I'd head there more often to buy them. Yummy!!