Sunday, August 26, 2012

Farm Country

Last Tuesday, the seven boys and I headed down south to Thanksgiving Point for another $2 activity.  This time, instead of the dinosaur museum, we headed on out to the Farm Country.  This was a cute Farm themed area that had a LOT for the boys to do!
They got to pet llamas!

Nathan loved the cows.... MOO!!!

Brigham was excited to show Nathan the Chocolate Milk Cow...  How adorable!

Jackson's favorite farm animal is a horse.  He was SO excited to see that he could pet the horses.  He was even more excited to find out he could ride the horses!


Here are the five of them all riding on their different horses. Will didn't want to ride and Baby Preston is still too little. Jackson was especially excited to get to ride on a spotted one.

And what Farm experience would not be complete without a hayride.  Nathan was really excited about the big tractor!  After every picture we take, he has to see the camera and make sure that he likes the picture that you took of him.  He will say "Me see, me see", meaning he wants to see the picture.  Then he will say, "Good" if he likes it.  Very cute!