Friday, August 24, 2012

Water Party!!

 There are 3 September and 1 October birthday's at our house so we've already started the planning of so many parties.
Gavin is not one of the birthday's that are coming up, but he asked if he could have a pool party with a few friends before school started. Well, we don't have a pool so what about a water party?!
He invited 5 friends and 3 were able to come over. They wore their swimming suits and brought water guns. They played in the sprinklers and hose, ran around like crazy kids, ate out of the garden and chased each other around.

 The drank Capri Sun's and ate Popsicles and ended on the tramp.

Will helped supervise while I was inside nursing. He was a big help and the boys had a lot of fun with him. He is such a great oldest brother!
The party was a success and everyone had a fun time! Thanks Gavin for the great idea!!