Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's not their fault!

When I'm 8+ months pregnant and waddling around, or if I am sick (which only happens about as often as I am pregnant!) or right after I've given birth, I try to stay pretty active.

I get people telling me quite often that I do a lot, and they are surprised to see me out and about in various activities with the family. And it's true... I go on outings and activities with the kids all the time. No matter what!!!

It doesn't matter if I'm 9 months pregnant or holding a newborn, because I don't think it's the kids fault that I'm sick or holding a new baby. If the kids want to walk around the zoo, head to the water park, or any other activity; I'm game!

Now of course, I make sure to rest (almost) everyday. I take a couple of naps a week and find time for myself, even if it is to garden or watch a little TV. I think it's moderation in all things. Also, I (usually) feel pretty good pregnant so I have energy to do the stuff that I want to do. I'm hardly ever sick, thank goodness...

And, when you add a baby, it's just as easy...at least with my babies it is. They have all been good eaters and sleepers. I swaddle them up tight and they can sleep anywhere.

I think that it all comes down to my determination to just keep the kids active, since it is far less likely that they can get in trouble if we are busy as a family doing fun things.  And besides, I would much rather their memories later in life be of the fun things we did, than the idea that our family never really did anything.  And I am confident that they have no reason to ever make that statement...