Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fiesta Time!!

 Viva La Fiesta!!! The first week in August Santa Barbara celebrates Fiesta for 5 days straight. There are delicious food vendors, parades, dancing and singing shows...Wonderful fun family activities all over town. I love, love, love Fiesta time. I flew here to Santa Barbara specifically for this fun event. While living in Arizona, I missed the festivities because school started so early there. Now, I am once again able to return and join in on the fun!
 We head out at lunch time to eat at the different booths, it's not as busy as evening time and much safer with little children. As we walked around there are delicious booths serving authentic tacos, tamales, churros, tri tip sandwiches, corn on the cob, shrimp in an avocado bowl...and so many other yummy treats.
 While roaming around, dancers take the stage to entertain us. Their colorful and exotic dancing is always enjoyable.

 This year we tried the huge fruit drinks. They remind me of those alcoholic ones in Vegas...But I promise, they're just fruit drinks!! While walking around, we always see friends. It's so fun!
 Another fun event of Fiesta are those eggs filled with confetti. Four for a dollar, can't beat that price!
We were able to make lunch there on Wednesday and Thursday! Hopefully on Saturday, after the children's parade, we'll eat our last Fiesta lunch! YUM!!