Friday, August 17, 2012

Theme, Motto and Rule

Our family has a theme, a motto and, a number one rule. We remind the boys of these often and know them all by heart. Unfortunately they don’t always remember them, but they are doing better every day.

Our family theme is "Laugh, Work, Serve, Achieve" with the word "Love" spelled out diagonally through it.
This is such a wonderful theme for our family and is perfect for us.

We love to laugh and have fun with each other. We really focus and instill a work ethic into our boys lives. It’s so important to us for them to learn what the meaning of work is and that we do hard things.

Service is also extremely important for us to perform and teach our boys.

Last, but not least is achieve.
Having an education is very high on our family priority list. We expect the boys to pull straight A’s and work hard with them to do so. Having them attend extra classes, learning activities on the computer, practice with mom and dad and lots of reading help enforce this principle. For example, Will is really young for his grade, yet he’s in all Honor classes and was on the Honor role all year last year. He has the same goal this year.

Our motto is “Brothers First”.
Scott and both feel it’s extremely important to remind the boys to keep their brother’s feelings and needs before their friends. We don’t want friends to come over and all of a sudden they start teasing, ignoring or just being mean to their siblings. Since we started saying this in our family, several years ago, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Of course there are still times this occurs, the boys truly like one another and have a strong connection with each of their brothers.

The Number One Rule is “not to embarrass mom”.
This is restated every day. Whenever we arrive at a new location or people come over to the house. This sums up any act of naughtiness that the boys may do.

Does your family have a motto, theme, song or rule??


Rebekkah Monaghan said...

Lori I think this i wonderful! We have some unofficial themes and motto's but they are not consistently kept or remembered. I think I will have to have a FHE centered around this theme. Good Job.

DoryQueen said...

These are such good ideas. We do most of the things you do but do not have them put together in a theme. I think I just have to use these ideas with my boys. I especially like "brothers first" Thanks for the inspiration. Love ya!