Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shy? In our house??

Overall, I don't have shy children. They are all pretty outgoing, adventurous and talkative. Scott and I are very confident with strong personalities, were not shy, passive or timid at all. I've taught my boys to be the same. I want them to be leaders. Confident. Strong. It's a little surprising to me that my oldest, Will, is a little shy. He'll talk to people, and get in front of class for a speech but there are certain things he just wont do.

For example, he won't call and order pizza over the phone. Or make any calls to people he doesn't not know. Weird. This is a funny thing that happened a few weeks ago that is so Will... So funny.

We're at the thrift store searching for deals and as I was looking around I wondered which color tag was the 50% off. I  asked Will to head to the front of the store and ask an associate. Several minutes later he came back and said, "blue". I go through my small loot and pull out all the blue tagged items and kept shopping for another 30 minutes or so. When we were all done, we headed to the cashier to pay and all my items were coming up full price. I questioned the cashier about blue being half off and she said, "oh, the half off color this week is green." Green?! I look straight at Will and he sheepishly whispers to me something about not wanting to ask anyone... so he just told me a random color! WHAT?! I was pissed and I laughed. What a turkey! I had to go back to my stash in the back of the store and go through all my stuff again. Will has this real deep strong voice, but it's really soft. I have to often tell him to speak up because I can't hear him. When he sings, it's a beautiful soprano (high) voice, just like Scott's. So funny. Will is a great kid, I hope he can learn to stand more on his own and not rely on me to call for pizza or ask a simple question to a salesperson.


Crazymamaof6 said...

Poor guy. I was totally like that even up into my 20's. Which no one would suspect. Some of my kids are shy like I was and it drives my hubs crazy. And then some of the younger ones aren't shy at all. Which amazes me. He will get over it someday.

DoryQueen said...

This sounds so familiar. To this day I hate making phone calls. I will call if I have to, but I also will avoid it if I can use another form of communication (thank goodness for texting and email!). My mom, most of my kids (except Andrew, of course) and even Garth are more introverted than extroverted. I was amazed how extroverted Andrew was when he was little. He knew people in the neighborhood that I didn't know and we have lived here over 20 years. He was born friendly. He has no problem talking to anyone. You know we all have our own personality but I think we can retrain ourselves to be more outgoing. (my mission taught me that). Continue to encourage him to get out of his comfort zone and he will get better at it the more he practices it. Such a sweetheart he is. Just the sensitive type that all the girls will go crazy for. Just wait! LOL.