Monday, September 3, 2012

A Blessing and a Bow Tie

We attended a wonderful baby blessing yesterday for our sweet baby cousin, Ruth. She was so beautiful in her blessing dress, the same dress her mom, Kyrra wore!
After we headed to a park and ate some lunch. It was so wonderful being with so many Santa Barbara cousins! And one from Alaska! It's always good to be with family!

 The Gray girls (my cousins Gloria, Marsha, Diana, Jeana and Clareesa) all had children pregnant at the same time. I'm not a Gray girl, but I put myself into that category as a cousin.
Karina had her son, Lincoln (pictured above). Jessica had her son, Lynn (not pictured). Next was me. Then Kyrra had Ruth (pictured). Next will be Nadia and then Hannah.

Then, there's this guy. How adorable is this picture. Cute church outfit with a sharp looking a bow tie. Cute red toned mohawk hair. Pursed little lips. Sweet Preston!


Diana said...

Thanks, Lori, for bringing these moments to those of us that couldn't be there. I love your posts and I'm always amazed at your ability to take time from your busy life to record life for your family and posterity. Thank you!

DoryQueen said...

Ditto to what Diana said. Thank you for posting about the day. Wish I could have been there. Glad Garth was able to. Oh and btw, here is the spelling for Clareesa LOL Love ya!