Friday, September 14, 2012

The Kitchen House

I recently read "The Kitchen House" by Kathleen Grissom. It was a wonderfully written book with compelling characters in a well written storyline. I found myself lost in the story and not wanting to return to the real world. My heart wrenched for some of the characters and I even cried a few times during it. I recommend this book to all!

But, my post is not to tell you to read it, even though you should, it's about communicating and how one choice can change your entire life!

**This post will contain spoilers!!**If you are planning on reading the book, do so before you read this post!!**

I love when characters in books have accents, because I start to morph into the people I'm reading about and start talking like them. In my dreams, I was even doing it!

Anyhow, I love this adorable red-headed Irish girl, Lavinia. She lives in a time when black servants were owned by white families and the blacks worked hard, very hard on their plantations and such. Lavinia grows up to be a smart beautiful woman but makes a terrible decision that eventually ruins her life and several members of her family. It's so heart wrenching to read because all she needs to do is communicate better and her life would of turned out much, much better.

Lavinia is in love with this handsome, kind man named Will. But, she thinks Will likes someone else. So, Lavinia agrees to marry a man she is not in love with at all. Which in return, breaks Will's heart, because he too is in love with her. Marshall, the man she marries, turns out to be a terrible, terrible man.

IF Lavinia would've communicated her feelings to Will or talked to Will about his feelings, they would of ended up being married and happy. (Of course it wouldn't have been such a great book to read...)

This was a great book to read, but the main lesson I learned is to always remember, before making any major decision, to talk about it. Talk to my husband, child, mom or whomever. Discussing the matter and then making a decision will make my life a lot easier. And in the end, I'll be happier.

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MP Flory said...

That book sounds exactly like one of the story lines in the TV mini series North and South...check it out.