Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Personal History- Early Years

Growing up, early years

I found this GREAT site, This is ME Challenge. I was so inspired to participate, so here is my SECOND post about ME! It's broken up in sections you write about yourself, family and interests. There are several areas to choose from. I plan on doing this about once a week. It's a great way to get information for genealogy and your posterity to have.

Here is the second one:

*Where did you grow up? Describe it.
Cul-de-sac in Santa Barbara, California, which was safe and fun. We'd play crazy ball and several other games in the cul-de-sac. Our backyard is pretty large and includes a creek. Many, many hours were spent playing and exploring there. (Now, my kids play in the creek!!) My house was a 3 bedroom home where I shared a room with my older brother...poor guy! But, my mom added on another room so William and I then had our own rooms. The house has a huge circle right in the middle of it. You walk through the living room to the family room, through the kitchen that connects to the hallway with all the bedrooms off it them back to the living room. Round and round, we ran and played.

*What games did you play as a child?

I was into whatever my older brother was into. Matchbox cars with tracks that filled our kitchen. My Gram had several cars in the driveway and we'd play in them, pretending to drive around. On the swing in the huge tree out back or on the small jungle gym my mom bought for us. I remember breaking open a cardboard box and (trying) to break dance on it. Kickball in the front yard. Hide and go seek in the creek. Uno inside.

*Where did you go to school?

I remember going to an old lady's house with a couple other kids, like a preschool. Her house was off of Foothill Road real close to mine. Kindergarten through 6th grade I attended Monte Vista Elementary school. Go Mustang's! La Colina Jr. High for 7th and 8th grade then off to San Marco High School, home of the Royals. In the summers I would spent most of it out at Santa Claus Lane where my Gram had a cute Christmas gift shop right on the beach. William and I also went to YMCA summer camps.

*Who were your friends?

My first friend that I remember is Minda Sylvester. And to this day we are still good friends. We both were taller than all the other boys and girls. In Jr. High we acquired the nick names, Twin Towers, then finally the boys started growing taller than us! I remember other kids that I'm still acquaintances with, but Minda was my best friend since Kindergarten. I remember her mom would come in often and help during play or craft time. Minda always had her hair done real nice and I remember a lot of pretty dresses with a white sweater over top. To this day, she is still a special friend to me. I love her dearly!

*Who were your favorite teachers and why?

In elementary school two teachers stood out to me. Dr. Ernborg, who was actually the principal of the school. He was so friendly and outgoing. The entire community knew and respected him. Also, my 6th grade teacher Mr. Dayton. He was also my brothers 6th grade teacher, and lived 2 streets away from us. He was strict but good. He tried not to smile much, but we'd make him laugh every now and then and it was fun to see.

*What were your chores?
That's funny and super easy to answer. Nothing. I never had chores. I don't remember ever cleaning anything or making my bed. But, I don't remember ever being told to do so either.


Rebekkah Monaghan said...

Where in the world did you get your awesome work ethic if you didn't have to do any chores?

rachel said...

I hope your boys are reading. I would love to know this stuff about my mom. How fun!

Minda Bittle said...

Oh Lori, that made me smile and cry at the same time. Most of my happiest memories as a kid have you involved one way or another. The hours we spent together were the most fun I had as a kid. Scooting from my house to yours, my grandparents house, your mom tapping her freshly painted holiday themed finger nails on the steering wheel, Sambos for hot chocolate, walks to the mall, Taffy, and so many more things come to my mind when I think of you. I am so glad that you think of me like you do, please always know the amazingly special place you hold in my heart. I love you so much!