Sunday, September 2, 2012

Personal History- In Depth

I found this GREAT site, This is ME Challenge. I was so inspired to participate, so here is my FIRST post about ME! It's broken up in sections you write about yourself, family and interests. There are several areas to choose from. I plan on doing this about once a week. It's a great way to get information for genealogy and your posterity to have.
Here is the first one:

Your birth and family:

*What is your full name and how did you get that name?
Lori Anne Nielsen Thompson. My mom was going to name me Christy (Crazy, I know!) But, during labor my mom kept saying "Lori". I just found out that Lori was a nickname of my Gram's. Cool!

*Do you have any nicknames?
Belle or Loribelle. It was given to me by my Salt Lake City cousins when I was a few months old and the family still refers to me by this adorable nickname!

*What are your parent's full names and birth dates and places?
My mom is Julie Dee Nielsen and she was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was also raised by my moms mom, Dolores Dee Nielsen. We call her Gram. Her birthday is March 21st, 1907

*What is the date of your birth?
February, 19th 1975

Where were you born?
Santa Barbara, California in Cottage hospital (where a couple of my own kids were born!!)

*What are some of the circumstances (when your mom went in to labor, how long, her doctor, your dad fainting, etc.) of your birth?
She went to the hospital and labored for sometime with no progress. The doctor decided to take me C-section. I was healthy at 9lbs 6oz on my due date.

*What are your sibling's full names and birth dates?
I have 1 older brother, Clarence William Nielsen. He goes by William, his friends call him Willow. He was born on November 3rd 1971 in Santa Barbara.

*How is your relationship with your siblings and parents?
I have a great relationship with both. I talk to my mom on the phone almost daily. We fly and visit each other every other month or so. We are both close to my brother, when he's home and healthy.

*How did you help in your home?
Oh, man. Not sure I did! We were never in trouble. Never grounded. Never had chores. We were both spoiled by our Gram and mom.