Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Saving BIG bucks!

I get asked a lot on how I find deals and how I am able to save so much $$$. Well, here are a few tricks I know that help my family of 9 save hundreds of dollars each month.

Blogs. I follow a few local blogs like Utah Deal Diva, Coupons 4 Utah and Fabulessly Frugal. They really do all the work for me. They tell me new coupons that are out, where the sales are, places to go to for free, other freebies, recipe ideas, and many other things.

Coupons. I have 2 papers delivered every week to my house. My cousin and a neighbor give me their coupons also from their newspapers. (Go around your neighborhood early one morning and see who gets the Sunday paper. Ask those same people for the ads!) I also get coupons on-line from, Smart Source, and a few others. Each computer prints out 2 coupons. If it's a really good coupon (like .75 off milk) I'll print 2 off my computer and 2 off my laptop.

There are also E-coupons. Where you can load coupons onto your grocery store card, no clipping or printing needed! Wal-mart price matches every Tuesday (here in the Salt Lake valley). I especially love Target. You can use Target coupons WITH a regular manufacturer's coupon! That's DOUBLE the savings!

Other Stuff. Here are a few other fun things to do/use that will help you save $$$.

Search birthday freebies in your area. Tons of restaurants and desserts are offered to you and your family. Subscribe to your favorite restaurants for their birthday list and they'll email you free stuff.

Home Depot and Lowe's offers free fun kids clinics once a month.

Library is always a favorite of ours. The boys can get books, CD's, DVD's and our new favorite... Audiobooks for free. (as long as you return them on time!!) They also have special reading programs in the summertime as well as fun classes all year long.

Groupon and other sites offer discounts you may be interested in. Scott purchased me (for half off) a cleaning service where a maid came and did 4 HOURS of house cleaning. It was an awesome gift and they did really well.

We signed up with Red Box and they text us once a month with a free code to use for a movie. Here are other free codes you can use one time for EACH credit card that you have: DVDONME, BREAKROOM. Use this code specifically at Walgreens (DVDATWAG) and use this code at any Kroger's locations (DVDKROG).

I sure hope these few ideas can help you! You can ALWAYS find things on sale and use a coupon. If you are organized and prepared you'll never have to pay full-price again!

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Elizabeth said...

That last line is what gets me..."organized" oh you are awesome!I admire your organization.