Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Jackson!

 Happy, happy birthday to my second oldest son, Jackson Evan Thompson. Otherwise known as JET. He loves his name, especially his initials.
 Jackson was born in Santa Barbara, California in the same hospital my brother and I were born in. He was 9lbs. 8oz.
 Here is cute Jack coming home from the hospital.
 When he was 6 months old Scott and I took him with us on a cruise. Everyone thought he was adorable and always wanted to hold him. The staff would ask what his name was and we would tell them, Jackson. Their faces would light up and they would say, "like Michael Jackson?" Funny, but no.
 Jackson has always been extremely photogenic. His smile lights up the room and he has always had a fun outgoing personality.

 Jackson had just turned 8 years old and getting ready to be baptized when we moved to Mesa, Arizona.

Here he is today, a tall slender guy with that same beautiful smile.

11 years old today!