Monday, September 3, 2012

Raspberry Pickin'

 On Saturday, after the boys football games, we headed south to the McBride's Briar raspberry farm. We spent about 45 minutes picking berries, and eating a few as well.

 There were 3 different size buckets with a rope to tie around your body so you have 2 hands to pick the raspberries. Of course, it was a competition to see who could pick the most!
Scott came in first place, then Will, me, Tyler, Jackson and the little boys. It was so fun, even with all the rain!

The raspberries (they also have black berries) were delicious!! The owners were sweet and nice to work with. The berries were only $3.00 per pound, we paid $30. Yep, 10 pounds of raspberries! Actually, we had more but they didn't charge us for Nathan's basket or Brigham's.