Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bra shopping

I have needed to go bra shopping for sometime now, but it's always too complicated toting around 5 boys all the time. Yesterday Scott was home for a couple of hours, this was the right time to run out and get some of my errands accomplished!

I picked up the three big boys from school and off we went. I did warn them before hand though. I told them I needed to do some errands and if they didn't want to come with me they could take the bus home instead. They all wanted to come so off we went on our way. Post office, library, Half Price Books, Ross, and then to the mall.

I went to a store I usually buy my bras at and warned the boys a few minutes before hand what I was needing to buy. We walked up to the lingerie area and all three of the boys just stopped cold in their tracks. Will's eye's got all big and said, "There is NO way I'm walking in there!" Jackson just stood there and laughed shaking his head. "Come on boys, mom needs a new bra. I'll be really fast." I said trying to convince the boys it was really no big deal. Tyler reluctantly agreed and Jackson followed still giggling at the variety of bras I had to choose from.

I was looking through the sizes of the one I needed and right next to me are the bras that are padded and look like there are boobies already in them. Tyler pocks at it. Jackson is immediately modified and tells him, "You can't touch that!" Tyler shoots back, "I'm not toughing the private part, I'm just touching what holds the private part!" With that Jackson left the bra and pantie area to hang out and wait with Will.

Tyler stood close and kept looking around at all the colors and styles as I kept shopping. It was pretty funny. After I asked who wanted to hold my small bag for me and again it was like asking the boys who wanted to hold some poo in their bare hand. Will freaked out, Jackson laughed shaking his head and saying, "not me!". Tyler looks up at me with a cute little smile and says, "I will mom!" I guess next time I'll go by myself. :)


CC said...

Funny! :D

Lisa is the same way as your boys. My problem is she didn't want to deal with it for her. I try not to go with even Charlie, for the surprise factor, lol!

Boys and bras, one big lol fest!

CC said...

Oh, I have a new blog and am having a giveaway! Make sure to visit and refer people to visit and comment, ok?

Kara Miller said...

I told this whole story to Matt and we were cracking up! Boys are so funny...Matt STILL gets weird with me in stores while looking at, "girl stuff" if other people are around!!

Jace said...

hahah...too funny! i've learned the same lesson which is why it is so long between shopping for them :) i really need to go buy a new one but i put it off because it's such a chore and i always have the kids with me. a few weeks ago i was taking madison (12 now) shopping for her birthday and one of the stores was right next door to a V.S. store! I asked her if she'd mind going in and I was so embarassed by the displays that I eventually walked out without buying a thing! i now feel that it is just something i'll have to do all alone in life :( oh well. just gotta love precious! anything for his mamma!

Hansonpatch said...

Hi Lori! I sure miss seeing your bright grin on Sundays! Too funny I remember my brothers doing that to my mom when I was younger. With no boys I haven't dealt with that one yet! I wouldn't mind it if it meant Ryan would have to take someone to the restroom when we go out :-).

Hansonpatch said...

I forgot to ask you, do you have a blog or website for your vinyl lettering? If so let me know, I would love to visit and put a link on my blog! Anne H.

DoryQueen said...

That was such a funny story! Reminds me of my boys and never wanting to go on the "pink" aisle (Barbie) at the store. Your boys are just adorable! JeanaƜ

Crazymamaof6 said...

you are a brave woman! this was TOO FUNNY!

thanks for the giggle!