Monday, February 16, 2009

Funky Sleeper

There are so many times I walk into the boys room while they are sleeping and I am shocked by the way they are sleeping. One time Will was lying on stomach with his butt way up in the air. Other times Tyler and Jackson limbs or head is hanging off the mattress. Or they are totally curled up all weird with their head all the way back. It looks to uncomfortable, but they are all snoring away. Gavin and Jackson snore the loudest. Louder than an adult! No joke! All children are like this. They sleep so weird and crocked, but it doesn't seem to bother them at all. Especially in the car, their heads and necks are so jacked up. So funny! To be a kid again.

Here is sweet little Brigham totally asleep in a totally funky way.


CC said...

Funny! Jasmine used to fall asleep with both her hands on the back of her head and her legs crossed like she's relaxing in front of the TV or something. Like you, I took a picture! So darling, she's seen it more than her fair share, but she still thinks it's awesome that she slept like that. LOL

Hansonpatch said...

Kids are so funny and cute! Caitie sleeps the same way Carolyns Jasmine does.